Residency program

VAC Residency program

We’re happy to announce that VAC is now offering a Residency program. We welcome social scientists who would like to use film or photography as their research tool as well as documentary film-makers looking to broaden their spectrum by the methods of visual anthropology. The residency program is flexible, experts and rookies are equally welcome.

Also, we are offering residency program for a film crew or research team for the same price!

Our Residency program is open during the whole year!

What VAC offers to participants of residence program?

  • One month mentored program
    At least one month of assisted research time in Belgrade area*
  • At least two different mentors will provide theoretical and practical assistance in a minimum of 10 sessions per month.
  • A total of 20 hours of mentoring sessions can be scheduled dynamically.
  • Technical equipment and support
  • VAC will provide resident with video and sound equipment and technical assistance upon request. It is possible to work independently with DSLR cameras (lenses included) or to use professional digital film camera with the assistance of our filming mentor for an extra fee.
  • Fixers and or translators, assistants will be at the residents disposal for a total of 40 hours* for the time of the residency.
  • Editing and post production
  • VAC will provide editing hardware and software and technical assistance upon request.
  • Consulting sessions for a total of 20 hours* can be scheduled flexibly to the residents need.
  • Promoting the finished work
  • VAC will organize public screening of the residents project, with a possibility of inviting expert guests to give feedback. VAC will send the finished films to regional festivals of ethnographic or documentary film.
  • Accommodation in a small room within our social center, with access to a shared kitchen and bathroom and constant fluctuation of different creative people. This is a very special way of living, and the resident can choose to rent another accommodation during the residency. VAC will provide help with finding another apartment.

*the time-frame and research area can be extended upon special request.


Mentorship + professional equipment and accomodation: 1000 €

Mentorship + accomodation: 600 €

Mentorship + professional equipment: 850 €

Mentorship: 450 €