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The social center ДЦ КРОВ (“Social Center ROOF”) is a new community space located in Belgrade. It is a creative hub powered by an original membership system, which we are now extending through this campaign. We are a non-corporate union of NGOs; the three founding communities of ROOF are Visual Anthropology Center – VAC; Center for Ethno-musicological Activities – CED and Collective VIZANTROP cooperating with various organizations and individuals.

Furthermore we offer our members diverse programs connected to visual anthropology and ethno-musicology:  local and international workshops of documentary film-making and photography, workshops on ethno music, film screenings, artist residencies for socially engaged filmmakers and social scientists, not to mention various lectures, concerts and other social events.

This campaign is fundamental for us to overcome limitations of borders and other boundaries that would keep us from having a truly global community. We invite you not simply to support a cause but to become a member and actually join this community. All the perks related to the campaign serve this purpose. Our mid-term goal is to continue with this campaign in further phases (in demand) and update it accordingly, so please follow the developments as there will be more to come.

We just opened our doors for the public this Spring, but after the great start raising a lot of interest, we had to temporarily close them again because of the CoVid19 pandemic. This means all but stopping our new activities, as a matter of fact it means we have to come up with more.

This campaign was supposed to focus only on the physical development of ROOF, but due to the global crisis we need to work also on new methods and immediately establish a workflow also in the digital space.

Hence, as you will see in our video presentation, the campaign sets milestone goals. The first goal is basic survival and establishment of the ROOF, the further goals its development to reach its full potential.

What We Need & What You Get

We need new members to join our local and global creative community. A successful campaign wouldn’t simply mean a good start for us, it would serve as the foundation of both our digital community and of DC KROV as a community space – real social network. A hub of people sharing interests and passions in the field of social sciences, video and photography and ethno music.

Your contributions will improve the Roof with a silent room/recording studio and a video studio for audio and video production and post production, both equipped to suit all professional requirements.  International and local independent filmmakers and documentary enthusiasts and scholars will get a space to work and network, discuss and realize new ideas together in an inspiring environment.

All the perks related to the campaign get you a membership in our community wherever you are in the world. To enjoy all benefits of the membership you will have to visit us once life gets back to normal, but there is a lot we can achieve together before that happens. We offer digital courses, lectures, workshops and we are determined to share our resources with all of our members in these times of crisis. For more details check out the perks!

We will do our best to provide all the programs and activities we offer even in case this campaign should not be successful. We are counting on your support and we’re confident that our minimal goal will be met, however many of our future project are based on support exceeding the minimal goal.


The Impact

ROOF will be able to function as a professional hub offering the highest technical quality for independent audio-video productions.  We will never compromise any of our community principles to match the corporate competition but we will always  meet the highest professional and creative standards. ROOF as a social center located in the center of Belgrade will serve as a meeting point for creators and their audience while the development of digital strategies will strengthen our international network to reach beyond borders. In times when measures of social distancing are crucial for public health, ROOF as a social center and a community have to find ways to prevent these measures from alienating people. Solidarity and a sense of community can’t be limited by restrictions of movement. We can keep working on these together no matter how many miles or walls between us.

Risks & Challenges

The main challenge we are facing right from the start is to keep our newly opened social center alive and grow the community despite of the radical measures of social distancing taken by the state(s) recently. Our society had severe issues that were only aggravated by the pandemic of CoVid19. We founded the Roof to tackle these issues, we believe that the harder the times we are living the most crucial it is for socially engaged, creative people to find new ways to reach out to the world.

Our ethnographic film workshops, as well as individual and group residency programs have to be delayed until the end of the pandemic due to limitations of the freedom of movement. We will use these times to develop digital strategies, but connecting to our audiences without the chance of meeting in person is a great challenge.

While we firmly believe in transparency and keeping people informed, in our view corporate media is often contributing to the panic. People feel that viral infection is the biggest threat, social distancing is advised as an epidemologic measure. While we do what we can as responsible citizens, we must also look for ways to strengthen and spread social solidarity in our communities with the audio-visual content we create. Visual anthropology and ethnographic methods in creating visual content is essential in the interpretation of adaptive social life in times of crisis.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t support our campaign you can always  share it. Follow VAC, CED and Vizantrop on social media and don’t miss out on our activities. Every post click matters in sharing awareness about us and we will be grateful if you share your views with us. We are open for your suggestions as well so don’t hesitate to contact us if our community raised your interest.